I post a lot of links in my Twitter feed. Unfortunately, I cannot engage in much conversation on Twitter due to it being blocked at work. Through feed.ly, I can post links, but that's about it.

Sometimes, though, I find links in other places. Here are a handful I want to keep for later:

Space and Planet Photoshop Tutorials:

Make cool looking planets with a variety of effects. It includes nebula and planets with rings.

Djervy's Dungeon Door:

A Dungeon generator with a ton of choices. Perfect for when a have a little time to think of the big bad, the not-so-big bad and the twist for a dungeon.

Here is an example, The Hill of the Escarabat Foc.

ACKS Classes:

I love ACKS so far. Until I get the Companion with the official class creation system, here are a couple of links to think about.

In the Autarch forums, there's this gem.

Which includes a link to this classic.


I have a two-hole punch for making small booklets with 4.25 by 5.5 inch pages. The long stapler will come later. Until then, there's a long list of 'zines available.

This is an old list, but still valuable.

I have a couple scans of the Beholder zine. Not sure where I found it. I like the point-based magic system I found in one of the issues.

Something more substantive soon, I hope. Everyone here has pink eye, two have ear infections (I am one of the two) and two have physical exhaustion. Note that there are four members of the family, not including the cat. He would claim physical and mental exhaustion, but I'm not in a place to really listen to him now. šŸ™‚