A Few Things Occur to Me

As I am working on a summer 5e campaign, a few things stand out to me:

I should change my neglected Twitter handle to TheHardWayDM. I am enjoying going about this campaign the hard way. (I changed it to TheOddDM)

For example, I'm not using any of the monsters in the MM. Why? Because the cousins got the MM for their father's birthday and they have already memorized it.

I set up a node.js server to handle my personal Creature Catalog so that I can see the stats on my phone and use the laptop for something else. I do this knowing full well that I will use pencils, papers, and printouts for the actual sessions.

Seriously, though, I will have RaspberryPi set up just to be a server.

I have none of the standard races except human. I just have to convert them to 5e.

I want to do theater-of-the-mind play. This is mostly because I can't afford good battlemats.

Anyway, I have found that I seem to tackle all my projects the hard way. Yet, this is the most fun.

I guess the difference in this project is that kids want to play.

The last thing that is very lightly related: I want to use Miltonian Tattoo font paired with Lato for everything.

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4 thoughts on “A Few Things Occur to Me

  1. says:

    I had a phase when I used Aller for everything (and Futura for everything else), paired with Exocet and Morpheus for titles. I don’t think this phase had ever ended fully.

  2. says:

    Why is it bad if the kids have the MM memorized?

    If you know that trolls are weak to fire and regenerate, how does that minimize their use in play? Are you positive it doesn’t actually make the monsters more scary in some cases because they know what they’re up against?

  3. says:

    Jacob Hurst The cousins are tactical combat geniuses. They fear nothing. I’m curious how they would handle a situation where they do not know the stats and weaknesses of a foe. Besides, maybe they won’t attack it straight-away.

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