A is Also for Apologies

I looked that the Arcanist pdf and I need to apologize. There's throwing stuff together for a concept, but this was pretty bad. Yes, I said it was an alpha, but that doesn't make me happy.

I'm re-working the PDF. I forgot to include the Casting Time for all the spells. I also didn't provide descriptions for several spells that were "identical to the level X Cleric spell of the same name." The word ritual appears in odd places.

So, I'm working on the revision. It will hopefully become something a bit more useful.

On a different topic, I will not reach Z before the end of April, or even May. I have to finish Shayakand work which has stalled for the past three months due to real life. I hope to spot more frequently, but I can't do everyday anymore. I promise that the post titles will not be something like T is for Time. I'll have normal blog post titles.

Here are some of the upcoming alphabet posts provided in the forbidden format:

C is for Combat - A post about the Combat rules

D is for Dragons - Some new dragons

E is for Equipment

M is for Magic - Options of being a spell caster

P is for Proficiencies - the entire proficiency system in one place

P is not for Paladin because I won't have one, at least not called a paladin, anyway.

T is for Tiezerakan - Outer Spaaaaaaaaaaace!