Changes in Savage Worlds

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Geek and Sundry takes a look at Savage Worlds:Adventure Edition. I was interested to read it because of my past attempts to write adventures for it. I was also interested in it because it is fun to play.

The biggest change I liked right away was the change to the Shaken rule. The post describes how one small change has a big impact on preventing characters from feeling like that they are just running in place.

The other changes seem to focus more on non-combat characters. They get to play more of a role in the game due to changes in the skill system.

Read the post for the details, If you enjoy playing Savage Worlds, you'll find the changes are significant without changing gameplay from how you play now.

I will definitely get this when the pdf comes out.

Other Ideas

Drangonsfoot has Savage Worlds material for playing Torg along with other adventures and settings. After getting the pdf, I wonder how this material would hold up?

I'm also curious about Advanced Dungeons and Savages. With the new helps in the Adventure Editon for creating races, I would like to see more player races.


I haven't thought about Savage Worlds in years. I didn't know about the Kickstarter for a nee edition, either. Reading the article brought back the excitement I had reading the rules for the first time.

Now to be patient for the pdf release. If you were a backer, tell me what you like about the new edition.


It looks like the pdf is already up on DrivethruRPG. Time to spend a few bucks to see for myself.

Rune Magic for Older RPGs

Here is a rune magic system that allows you to group spells that gradually unlock to magic-users. The system does require a check to successfully cast, but many optional rules are provided to enhance the magic-user’s chance or make the risk worthwhile.

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Found a Useful Font

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I would normally post this in my RPG Ideas and Projects collection on Google Plus. Since the announcement of its impending demise, I ported over all the posts from that collection to my site here. I have edited all the 2018 posts to that collection for proper titles, categories, and tagging.

I have to get used to posting here instead of there, so my apologies for the long introduction. I have to stop saying that my next post will be about x and y now that I will post random tidbits here more frequently.

Dotsies is an interesting font based on the premise that handwriting makes letters much larger than they need to be. The result is something you might imagine an AI would invent. What makes it interesting for me is that everything can be typed with one hand.

When I think about the Rune Magic system in my Samoora campaign, this fits with the image of a person manipulating an object on their arm with their free hand. Even better, words typed in this font look like pixelated runes. This makes the keyword nature of the magic system tie into the rune concept. Woot!

Even better, you can design your own version of Dotsies. So, I have designed my own version and I will change the font to match with FontForge.

So I have a font that I can read, but the players cannot. I can glance down at the character's collected runes and know what spells they should be able to generate.

As John Smith used to say, I love it when a plan comes together.