a2z, d6 and Electrum Pieces

D6 System Love

I know, I know. I skipped C. I did A four times, so there you are. At some point, I'll have to add a schwa.

But I digress.

Sometime ago, I took all the text from D6 Fantasy and D6 Magic and put it into rtf files like the original srd page at Wizards of the Coast. As a result, more than a few folks visit the site to find and download the D6 Fantasy files. At one point, I wanted to use D6 as a toolkit to create all kinds of settings. Alas, I was not successful. I later went to work for Nevermet Press and gave up on D6 altogether.

I've updated my Downloads page to point to the Six-Sided Fantasy SRD. The title was invented because at the time of its publication, there was no OpenD6 trademark license. All product names were removed from the rtfs I generated, too. So if you use my rtfs, there are a few textual variances from the original. The original PDFs, now available for free, contain references to D6 products by name.

Anything I could have done has been improved upon by Mini-Six by Anti-Paladin Games. These guys are great at Old School TSR and Old School WEG. Get the Mini-Six rules and have a great time.

Thanks to all the folks that find the Six-Sided Fantasy Reference Document useful. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.