Fighting Off Nerd Projectitis

A quick note to add to yesterday's post about platform.

I hope that providing data files will also help to create other applications to help with G+ Games, Maptools or any other online system. I prefer in person games, so I will probably work on things that make good use of a netbook or laptop.

Again, I believe that if anything of Andras is used, it may be certain interesting subsystems like the d20+d10 non-weapon proficiencies and background skills that add a non-game altering, minor boon. An example of the minor boon would be a character that rolls the background of chicken-butcher. The minor boon is the ability to use a meat cleaver as a weapon without penalty. The cleaver does 1d4 bludgeoning damage per hit.

If a character with this background becomes a mage, they have a weapon proficiency that doesn't seriously throw off balance. They still only have 1d4 hit points, they can still only do 1d4 damage, they still have a crummy THAC0. A creative player, however, can use this as a centerpoint to the mage's descent into madness or make it a humorous skill at camp time.

Chicken again?

So, I have gained a weapon against my nerd projectitis - I've been cut off from Google Reader for most of my day, now. I have no access to Twitter to speak of and my G+ usage is on the way down. This means I will be focused on creating content, the slogging part of the content.

This is where I make the monster descriptions, spell descriptions, classes, kits, random tables and the like. The combat rules need a good walk-through. Weapons need to be assigned speed factors. The OpenD6 spells need to be converted and examples of spell creation worked out. I need to write a better description of the five archetypes (Warrior, Priest, Mage, Rogue and Psionicists) and the classes that fall under them. The psionic combat system needs a simplification. Heck, the psionic power list need to be finalized. On top of that, I need to finalize the XP awards for exploration.

Lots to do, for sure. All of these items have been started, but now it's time to finish.

If I can post half as much as +Tom King, I think I'll be doing well.

I'll still post about the primordials, because they replace golems and elementals in the Creature book. I hope to write about the Anabe, a myconoid's distant cousin and their main adversary, an anti-fungal creature that uses it strange magnetic powers for locomotion. I also hope to develop the cyberorcs for a Blackmoorish encounter in the Southern sub-continent. Bwahaha.