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Great Folks Still Playing Statis-Pro Football

The UK Statis-Pro Footbal League is still going strong. I briefly joined, but it was ill-advised timing for me. My kids were in-and-out of the hospital and we were dealing with a very unique diagnosis for three out of the four of us.

I never got the play or do the games the way I wanted. I had a good team and ruined it by mismanagement. Ugh.

One of the innovations that have include a draft and salary cap. I say that because their cards are slightly different (extra information, different player rating system), but they are quite good.

If they are still playing in a couple years, I might try again. Either way, since my site comes up so much in regards to Statis-Pro, I felt like I should point folks to people that still play Statis-Pro Football on a regular basis.