Had to write this down so that I can come back to it later:

    Had to write this down so that I can come back to it later:

Modifying Zak's 3d20 resolution mechanic for FASERIP games for The Black Hack:

Attributes range from 3 to 20. Roll 3d20 and count the number of dice that are less than (but not equal to) the attribute. 0 is a failure, 1 is a success, but barely. 2 is a solid success. 3 is a critical success.

For ease of reference, we can keep the colors, White (0), Green (1), Yellow (2), Red (3).

Adjectives are not needed, but 3 to 20 will map to the ladder from the FASERIP advanced rules from Shift-0 to Beyonder. Using 4c rules for simplification, maximum human ability is an 8. This conveniently works out that the range of human ability is 1d6+2 (3 to 8).

Anything that is not cosmic is limited to 13 (FASERIP's Unerathly). This conveniently works out to 2d6+1 (3 to 13). Almost every character in FASERIP had nothing greater than Unearthly. The Hulk and Professor Xavier were notable exceptions.

Anything cosmic like deities, primordial forces, the tarrasque(?) ranges to all the way up. However, in all my FASERIP research, I only saw Class-5000 (a 19 on my proposed scale) once. It pertained to the Hulk making a critical success to increase his Endurance up to that level. Fitting into my old school roots, I'm happy to limit that at 18, reserving anything 19 and 20 for very unique artifact-like things. This scale works out very nicely to 3d6 (3 to 18).