Links I Don’t Want to Lose

Over at Lord Gwydion, the post entitled Weekend Reading has a list of links that I don't want to lose.

I star and share a lot of stuff in Google Buzz, but sometimes I have trouble finding a specific post that I meant to mark as something to post about later.

Of particular note is Sean Robson's post about how to write an adventure. When I ran Isle of Dread, Keep of the Borderlands and other modules back in the day, I ended up re-engineering modules to look this way. When I get around to writing an adventure, I definitely plan on doing it *this* way. Thanks Sean for a great post!

Speaking of adventures, I've really had a thought that some of the ideas presented, when polished up and placed in a PDF, would be best presented as an adventure or mini-adventure. This will especially be true of the Arcanist class. In the future, I'll present one as the "Big Bad" in an adventure.

Another post is Telecanter's One Page Potions. I wish I could make stuff this useful.

When I start up a new in-person game this winter, I definitely plan on following the Land of Ara's method of holding an initial players' meeting.

Lastly, here a post about using Stars without Number as a fantasy engine. Really cool!

The origin of dragons post is delayed, so here is the story that inspired its creation. See you soon!

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