Looking for eBook Resources

I have a Kindle Paperwhite and with it, I have enjoyed reading again. Thanks to Project Gutenberg, I have been catching up on Robert E. Howard and other public domain authors.

I recently discovered that OSRIC is available in mobi format. I immediately downloaded it and I enjoy reading it. I am very happy that this has been done. I reference this quite a bit because it is easier for me to read on a Kindle.

Like a few other folks, I wondered how on earth Stuart managed to get tables to display well.

OSRIC in PaperWhite


Not too bad, actually.

One thing that is obvious to me, though, is that eBooks are not good at long tables. I imagine that this would make reading Fate Core, Risus and Microlite20 easier to read. After all, they do not have long tables. Having said that, the best way to reference tables is to go to the index of tables and tap on the one you want. When I look for say, the Illusionist's Advancement table, it appears very well.

I looked at stat blocks and quickly realized that the one line format is almost certainly the way to go. I was disappointed by this, because I love the AD&D standard monster stat block. See for yourself the "Humanoid" entry for OSRIC:

what kind are you using?

who were they again?

Again, I am overjoyed to have OSRIC on my Kindle. Many other monsters appear with a lot fewer issues.

As I explore publishing my own work on a Kindle, however, I can see that I would need an index of monster stat blocks. I begrudgingly come to the conclusion that I will also need to stick to one line stat blocks, instead of the columns. This means that similar monsters, like the humanoids, will require one entry per stat block.

Again, I am quite happy to have OSRIC on my Kindle. I would like other publishers to do the same. I will buy stuff on Kindle. It's true that there are technological challenges, but I'd be happy to help. I can, at the very least, test it on a Kindle Paperwhite for you.

Do you know of any mobi formatted resources?