An Idea is Born

A long time ago, I set up my blog to enable posting by sending an email. It has been a while and with version 6.0 of WordPress, I wanted to see if it would still work.

The other reason for this post is that I am trying to piece together a Choose Your Path campaign setting where the DM and players get information about regions of the campaign world as they explore them. For example, the party is on Pella's Column, if the party travels to explore the Miasma, there is some information in the Pella's Column document to get the first adventure going. In the DM's section of that document, there is basic information about the Miasma with information about getting the detailed document about the Miasma. After the initial game session in the Miasma, the DM sends a request for the detailed document.

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The Miasma document is a sourcebook for that area and provides hooks for other areas of the larger world. It is big enough for several sessions and introductory material for several other places connected to the Miasma. The process repeats when the party encounters one of those places.

What prevents a DM from just asking for everything all at once?

You can't move backwards, the adventure always moves you forward. Once you enter the Miasma, you can't move backwards to Pella's Column. You can move within the Miasma or move forward to new places.

It is possible to move around until you can move towards Pella's Column, but that will take at least two or three other encounters before a document will connect you back to Pella's Column.

Is it railroading? Yes and no. You always have a choice of where to move forward. You lose the choice to move backwards. However, as you move to new places, you discover way to revisit areas. After visiting enough areas, the DM will begin to ask the party "where do you want to go?" allowing for more direct ways to travel around.

A DM request will immediately send a digital file so that the DM can prep. If possible, I would like to also send a physical booklet/zine/pocketmod as a physical reference. I imagine the physical components functioning like the 2e Monstrous Manual with the ability to add to a 3 ring binder. (A dude can dream, can't he?)

Anyway, that's the idea. We'll see where it goes from here. What do you think?

Episode Notes for Odd Duk 17

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I realized that making show notes is very different than it was a year ago, so my apologies as I navigate the process.

Here is a Spotify link to the song I mentioned, but didn't play: Cadence to Arms

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How Disease Affects the Creative Process

Being sick allows you to consider possibilities you've dismissed previously. The desire for the brain to do something pitted against the body's call for resources to battle the invading sickness can provide desperate creative output. Desperate? Yes, let me explain a bit.

I called in sick at 5 am after managing some semblance of sleep. I couldn't stare at anything with a screen until about 2 hours ago. I avoid getting sick and when it does happen, I attack it viciously. I get delusional when I get a fever. This is beyond bad decisions, this is all five senses of hallucination. Mix in a bit of over-the-counter cold medication and you get a whole lot of things happening simultaneously.

There are the hallucinations and fever dreams, sure, but there is also no sense of time passing, boredom, and the brain repeatedly asking, "why don't you watch TV like normal people when they are sick?" Desperate creative output is the brain throwing out all sorts of random things in a vain attempt to get me to zone out. Today it was a back-and-forth that went something like this:

Brain: Here's an idea for a chase mechanic for your Open D6 Lite game. Now can we watch TV?

Brain: Rought is what the English word for 'bear' would be if the original Anglo-Saxon word evolved like most other English words with Indo-European origin. Use it instead of ursine for your bear-people in D&D. Now can we watch TV?

Brain: Ribbons of Time can be literal ribbons that can be cut, stretched, and combined in a similar way the Greek Fates measure the threads of time. You could even have loops like a Moebius strip. You constantly move in one direction, but you're in an endless loop. This would make a good trap or an interesting short story. Now can we watch TV?

Me: Quick question. Would the people on the Moebius strip age? Maybe they would progress and regress in age depending on their position on the Moebius strip. Maybe the main character realizes that she is in a loop.

After a few down more ideas, I found I could finally watch a handful of videos to pass the time. I mean, I wasn't aware of six hours passing, so what's a couple more?

I happened upon a Yu-Gi-Oh episode where Seto Kaiba is fighting some guy named Diva. I remembered enough of the original cartoons to have some cold-medicine-addled idea of what was going on. Near the end of the video, Seto Kaiba called an Egyptian God card without drawing it out of a deck. He summoned it by sheer force of will accentuated by dramatically smacking the ground with his hand and many things breaking behind him.

Me: I have an idea. There is a feat for Clerics or Wizards that allows a character to cast a spell when they are out of spell slots. The spell slot can be any level, but cannot be higher than the highest spell slot the character has. I call it Indomitable Will

Also Me: What if chess had battle monsters as pieces. Better yet, I can take an old chess idea and make it into a battle monster type of game. Better better yet, I could make a new 5e class called the summoner that depends of calling beasts and contraptions of all kinds. They wouldn't have to be all combat-oriented, some would be useful for chases, investigations, and stand-ins for various 5e toolkits.

Also Me: This would make a great Dice Throne character. Oh wait, there's already the Artificer and the Treant. Maybe you could homebrew the Mad Artificer. Bwa ha ha ha.

Brain: Is your generic Dayquil wearing off? Wait, did you say Bwa ha ha out loud?

That's been my day in and out of awareness. I really hope I feel better tomorrow. It was really hard to drag myself to a keyboard to type out all this stuff before I forget it.

I hope for something more useful next time to put up here on the blog.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels