Testing Open Live Writer

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Essentially, it is a tool that allows me to save local copies to my computer to then upload to my site.

The interface is more like word, and more importantly, I can work on posts without being logged into my site. I can even put in a table quite easily. As a test, here’s what a table looks like:

Choice 1 Choice 2
This one is good This one is also good


Well, here is the deal. If this works, it will become significantly easier to post, thus, more posting activity.

Fighter, Thief, & Wizard – a Fantasy RPG

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Before I provide a bit of background and commentary, here is the link to download the most recent version of the game.

Some time ago, I wrote about interest in Warrior, Rogue, & Mage by Michael Wolf. I wrote a handful of posts about a setting and modifications for the rules. After the third post, my gamer ADD kicked in and I started writing about something else.

Last week, a need community formed on G+ centered around free old-school stuff. Rules, adventures, creatures, maps, etc. Sophie Brandt posted a link to Warrior, Rogue, & Mage, so I posted links to my modifications from almost two years ago. The moderator of the community asked for a PDF, so I hammered out a PDF. Instead of a collection of rules, I re-wrote the original rules (allowed by the license) to include my modifications. I also added a black-and-white regional map and a campaign sketch.

I will work on editing and GM resources in the coming days. Please tell you what you like. If the rules don't strike you, maybe the setting sketch will. That information is in chapters 6 and 7.



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This word originally meant a flood. Since the source is Late Latin and derived from a Greek word, its not a stretch to believe that this started in the 15th century from the story of Noah. The for a flood derived from Latin is inundation.

It's striking that cataclysm now refers to the destruction caused by the flood while inundation refers to the agent of the flood. Many Christians believe that the first cataclysm came by means of water while the final cataclysm will come by means of fire. The word cataclysm can refer to both events.

Inundation, however, appears to be tied specifically to water. Conflagration relates to fire. Miasma doesn't quite relate to being overcome by a gaseous substance, but it is foreboding enough for me. 🙂