Also known as the wrym system, this is a little gem created by Stargazers Games. Discussion about the rules takes place on the Stargazer Games site. It was the free download of the week at DriveThruRPG.


Important errata from the advancement rules:

Whenever the GM allows the players to advance they may do any one of the following:

  • Raise one attribute by one.
  • Add 1d6 to either HP or Mana
  • Gain an additional skill
  • Gain a talent

New Spells

1st Circle

Speak with Animals

With this spell, the mage can speak to any one type of animal for five minutes. The type of animal must be chosen before the spell is cast.

2nd Circle

Open Normal Lock

Opens one non-magical lock. The lock can be of any normal type including, but not limited to; door locks, chest locks, and handcuffs.

3rd Circle

Tremble with Fear

Causes one target create to be in total fear for five minutes. At GM's discretion, the affected creature may either be paralyzed or run at top speed away for the caster. To succesfully use this power, the caster must make an opposed roll against the taget's Mage Attribute, Awareness Skill +1d6 to imbue fear.

4th Circle

Mystic Prison

This spell places a target creature(s) into a ten foot by ten foot by ten foot cage. The walls of the of the cage each 8 hit points and each level of enhancement adds 8 more.



A gun-toting mage from Warrior, Rogue & Mage.

Full Name: Gnaeus Ovidius Tractus Peregrinus

W: 2 R: 4 M: 5

Skills: Awareness, Daggers, Firearms, Thaumaturgy

Talents: Dual Wielding, Familiar (Cat) -named Plato

HP: 13, FATE: 3, MANA: 10

Defense: 7 + 2 (Leather)

Spells: Healing Hand, Telekinesis

Trappings: Leather Armor, 2 daggers, 2 dragon pistols, 20 rounds, Ring, pouch with 34 silver pieces


Leaving his mage training behind, he has learned to use dragon pistols. He originally began training as a Mage in Cemimus. Disillusioned by the brutual rule of the emperor and the corruption of the Senate, he left Cemimus and to travel through Bekel. In Bekel, he briefly joined a group of former Cemimus citizens dedicated to the assassination of the Emporer. During his travels in Bekel, he encountered many mine owners. He was appalled that many of the mine owners treated their workers worse than the Emporer treated prisoners of war. Narrowly escaping, Bekel, he travels the fields of Chaetril searching for purpose. The church has taken some interest in him. The Paladins of the Cathedral believe that he may be “the Hidden Paladin” mentioned in one of their oldest prophecies…