Electrum Pieces and Swords & Wizardry

Some Unique Magic Swords

and a staff or two.

As I am making my way through all the posts offered during the S&W Appreciation Day, this little booklet struck me almost immediately. This is one of those utilities that triggers something in my brain that says, this is EXACTLY what I want to do in my game.

I want every sword and magic item to be  unique because it makes a game setting more evocative. Then I sit down and attempt to do that and I think, just randomize the list in the S&W Complete book and be done with it. (I tried that, and it doesn't map to a randomizer in a spreadsheet very well at all.)

So when I happened upon this system that works for swords, staves, and frankly, just about any other magic item except potions, I immediately set to work on creating some swords.


AL:INT: 7 EGO: 4
Languages: Telepathic with wielder

+1 wooden blade forged by visitors from the future with a grip made of stone, +2 vs. sea creatures

Silence in 10' radius when sword is drawn from its scabbard.

Its name is revealed only when it is immersed in sea water for 1 round.


AL: N INT: 10 EGO: 11
Languages: Common, Giantish, Forgotten Language

+2 steel blade forged by a mad wizard with a grip made of copper.

Disable robot types for d6 turns (save allowed).
Emits light on demand per the Light spell

Its name (which means "versatile") is inscribed on the blade in a long forgotten language.


AL: L INT: 11 EGO: 3
Languages: Common, Giantish, Goblin

+2 steel blade forged by ancient aliens with a grip made of wood, +3 vs. dragons

When placed on the ground for one turn, it will point to the nearest dungeon exit
Sword can be set against a charge to deal damage like a pike
The wielder is immune to paralysis and petrification
The sword can Read Magic per the spell

Its name (which means "supreme king") is lost to mortal men.

If you want a good name generator that provides the meanings of names, go to Behind the Name Random Renamer. The site also has an anagram generator that could be useful as well.