Electrum Pieces and Swords & Wizardry

Something to Chew On

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery has been released. You can find it here.

A lot of folks see interesting ideas in it. As always, I'm going through the magic classes and the psionics rules.

What I find most interesting so far is the section on priests. There are domain spells, but also all kinds of ideas for pantheons. It looks like stuff I always wanted to do, but wasn't talented or driven enough to commit to paper. I'll have more detail in a future post - I'm still working through all this gaming goodness.

Since it is OGL, I plan on taking a look at converting some of the classes to S&W to see how it goes. Looking at all the choices in spell-slinging classes, I want to experiment to see if my emphasis system can do something similar.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Go get it.