Electrum Pieces

Bad News, Good News

I avoid these posts, but here's the bottom line first:

Everything is going to be much later than I wanted. Everyone at the house spent the month of December sick. (Apparently, I was sick since the first of the month, or maybe even earlier.) This means delays on the zine, delays on polyhedral pantheons for Swords & Wizardry and delays on more work on various S&W databases. Besides all that, there are a host of other things sitting as drafts on this site.

Enough of that. Now the good news.

My family volunteered to help me make game stuff. My wife will do the cover of my zine. She does oil paintings in a impressionistic, dreamlike style. My son is helping with the writing of the minigames and my daughter wants to play test everything.

For those that want the hard copy, my wife also wants to help me sew the zines together instead of using staples. She gave me the idea to be like Christian and also just mail out articles, minigames, and other writings for free. After all, she said, who doesn't like getting good things in the mail?

I hate delays and it makes me afraid that I will not finish. This fear is why I make no promises with dates and times.

More than that fear, though, is the desire to give back in some way to the hobby I rediscovered in 2001 and the OSR I discovered more recently. Besides, who doesn't enjoy making stuff with your family?

I hope to have a post for Saturday, but we'll see.


Worst. Day. Ever.

I was going to post an Alpha of the ACKS Psionicist tonight, but I just finished dealing with crazy work stuff that included working this Saturday. Will post Wednesday. Sorry for the delay.

Haven't even been on G+ today at all.