Back in the Saddle

Been a great and wonderful October. Halloween will be lotsa fun tonight.

So, now that work insanity has calmed down, I can get back to work on Andras.

I mentioned it on Google+, but I'll mention it here. Next game will either be a much smaller game or the completion of my football simulation game.

For Andras, there are so many spells to go through, but it will be worth it in the end. Because I'm adapting the D6 Magic rules, I'm running the SRD through the spell creation system. With the components and everything, I want to make sure the levels come out close enough. I'll only modify egregious errors. For spells that go up in level effects (1d6 per level, etc) I will calculate the spell at the lowest level at which it can be cast.

The rationale is that the advantage of a Mage over an Arcanist is that the Mage gets per level bonuses without doing extra research.

More later.