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I have discovered a few things since the last post.

The biggest discovery is twitter. On twitter, I can follow along with all kinds of folks. Through it, I've gotten to know a few RPG bloggers, Brent Spiner's twitter fiction, talk to folks all over the world. Cool stuff.

RPG Bloggers Network
The RPG Bloggers Network has shown me that there are people my age that still enjoy role-playing games. Every day, there are lots of articles on all kinds of neat stuff. Just a few days ago, there were three contests going on all at once. I tried my hand at one, but missed the deadline. I'll post all the other stuff anyway.

I enjoy reading about the Old-School D&D folks and their campaigns. I also found that there really is a 2nd Edition D&D group. wow.

Anyway, I want to be a member of the RPG Bloggers Network, but I need to be more consistent and actually finish a few things.

Open D6
West End Games is back with an OGL version of the core books. They aren't online, yet, but soon will be. The idea is for a modular online database that allows a user to download only the rules they need.

Otherwise, the material released is quite large. It goes without saying, but the Star Wars game is not OGL, but that is more due to LucasFilms trademarks. However, adventure, fantasy, and space are OGL. Very cool. I hope that with the death of 4e OGL, that folks will give OpenD6 a try.

My Life
I have two small children. I priortize them above most everything else. As such, I'm not able to do things like a 48 hr RPG contest or work on a lot of campaign stuff. Heck, I'm not even in a game group, yet. As such, I'm not going to be able to create a lot of material very quickly. I just don't have the time to do the marketing and promotion and production quality to do pdfs. So, no Sycarion Diversion on

It's freeing in a way. Just offer it for free and let folks use stuff as they wish. Maybe one or two people will visit. Maybe more.


  • Change the About information
  • Fix the wiki
  • remove boltwire
  • remove discussion forums
  • Look to ongoing posts instead of All-At-Once posts.
  • Twitter integration.

Works starts now!

Electrum Pieces

Life is Crazy

Lots of ideas to post, but either no time or energy. Apnea is getting the best of me. By the time I sit down to write on Saturdays, I am pure-t exhausted.

However, Spring Break starts Monday and the Summer is always not very busy at work. I hope more posts as a result.

Until then, I don't know when I'll be here. I have finished 80% of Etherflow. I have a new idea for Boston 1770 and the dawn of Golden Age type superheroes.

No, I won't do the What If about Superman where he becomes King of England.