Electrum Pieces

How I Discover New Games

Credit for the picture: billiambabble on deviantart. This is his Fate Dice printable pdf. He is one of the great people you’ll hear about later.

The short answer is that I search the internet and follow great people.

Behold, the Great People

Sophia Brandt

Keith Davies

Chris Stieha

Kyrinn Eis

S. John Ross

Alex Schroeder

Audrey Winter

Jacob Wood

John Stater

R. Scott Kennan

Michael Wolf

Paolo Greco

Rob Lang (and his Twitter feed)

And many others that I have accidently left out. So sorry! It’s well past bedtime and I am still typing.

I Search the Internet

I search for free stuff on DriveThruRPG because there is someone, like me, always coming up with something. I poke around indie rpg sites. I google search the phrase “New Pen and Paper RPG”. I also search for “New Roll20 module” to see if someone has ported a game I haven’t heard of into Roll20.

You Post a Lot of Links

Yes, but I also heavily invest in following people on Google+. G+ has its issues, but it is not so overwhelmingly huge like faceyspaces. I follow folks that love Board Games and RPGs and Wil Wheaton. (Wil Wheaton deserves his own category because he falls into categories one, two, and a couple others not listed.)

I post about my random ideas and meet new people that create all kinds of wonderful things. It’s true that I prefer older games, but I am amazed at what people come up with. Kevin Crawford can make any game with old school rules. The Hydra Collective invents all kinds of awesome stuff. John Stater, James Spahn, and others push the envelope on what’s possible.

Did you know that John Stater made a football rpg? I love it love it love it. Go buy it. Go buy it now. (Yes, I have already added a house rule about Tight Ends. Don’t look at me like that.)

I also talk to folks outside of the old school set. I joined a Dungeon World group and it shapes how I run games. I read the writings of Kyrinn Eis, Michael Wolf, and Ryan Macklin. I read about anything from Evil Hat Games.

I read the great archivists of the OSR. I read the Blue Room archives of Tekumel. I read about Fate games and various settings.

You get the idea. I read a lot, talk to great people, and share. Do that, and you find out about new rpgs.

Andras and Electrum Pieces

The Next Game

With all the talk about page count and intro boxes, I have decided that the next game I make will be quite small. No huge subsystems, no 128 pages. Just something straightforward that me and my non-gamer friends can play.

I came upon this link today about Target20. One page handles all the mechanical stuff you need to know. The rest of the text of a Target20 based game can be fluff and GM advice. How cool is that?

Seeing as I am currently fixated on d20+d10, if I had a game like this to make, I'd use the following formula:

(d20 + d10) + level + modifiers >=26

Why 26 instead of 30? Because of the bell curve in the D20+D10 dice. If I thought I could make the spell creation system work in a similar fashion, I'd be tempted to redo all of Andras this way. Heck, I may do that anyway. It wouldn't be the first time I did a reboot.

For what it is worth, I tried coming up with something that uses only regular six-sided dice, but the bell-curve seems too steep for my tastes. Basically, once past 9th or 10th level, you master anything you attempt. (though using 5d6 isn't *too* bad). If I have time, I may recalculate for d6s and see what I get.