Tiny Dungeons Project

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Over on the M20 boards, they are discussing a Tiny Dungeons Project.

Part of it mentions the critters.pl script greywulf hosted on the old m20 site. I couldn't find the original, but I found my modified script for M20 (my other post has it modified for Action!).


srand(time ^ $$ ^ unpack "%L*", 'ps axww | gzip');
$usage="usage: $0 number maxhd\n";
$ARGV[0]=~/^(\d+)$/ && ($numb = $1) || die $usage;
$ARGV[1]=~/^(\d+)$/ && ($maxhd = $1) || die $usage;
%rule = (
'P','a ambi ante circum cis co de dis ob per prae se sine sub',
'Y','Ca Ce Ci Co Cu Cy Da De Di Do Dy',
'X','Ce Ci Co o',
'V','a e i o u',
'F','Ca Ca Ca Cae Cos Com Cus Cus Cus Cus Cus Cium Cium Ces',
'C','b b c c ch ch d d d g g l l m m n n p p ph r r r s s s t t th th v x z Rr sH Ll',
'D','b b c c ch ch d d g g l l m m n n p p ph r r r s s s t t t th th v x z Rr sH Ll h qu gn pt',
'R','b b c c c ch ch g g p p ph t t th th',
'L','c ch p g f',
'H','c ch cl m n p ph pl pr qu t th',
'N','n c l r'

for (1..$numb) { print &parse('W'), " : ", &stats, "\n"; }

sub parse {
/[^A-Z]/ && return $_;
@TMP=split(/\s+/, $rule{$_});
$_=splice(@TMP, rand @TMP, 1);
for (split('')) { print &parse($_); }

sub stats {
$tst = int(rand()*13)+1;
$hd = int(rand()*$maxhd)+1;
$hp = int($hd*4.5)+int(rand()*4*$hd);
$ac = 10+$hd+int(rand()*5);
$tohit = $hd+int(rand()*4);
$dmg = int(rand()*2)+1 . 'd' . (int(rand()*6)+1)*2 . (rand>0.6?'+':'-') . (int(rand()*4)+2);
%weapon = ( '1' => 'Bite',
'2' => 'Claw',
'3' => 'Talon',
'4' => 'Gore',
'5' => 'Slap',
'6' => 'Slam',
'7' => 'Sting',
'8' => 'Tentacle',
'9' => 'Weapon',
'10' => 'Weapon',
'11' => 'Weapon',
'12' => 'Weapon',
'13' => 'Weapon',);
$type = $weapon{$tst};
#    $type = (rand>0.6?"By weapon":"Natural");

return "HD$hd (${hp}hp), AC$ac, $type +$tohit ($dmg)";