Electrum Pieces, Microlite 20 and RPG Ideas and Projects

Martian Dreams as a Setting

The setting is based on this game, Ultima 2: Martian Dreams. Here's a link to the game:

Here is a link to the tweet that started it all.

Paper Pills

This Old Sword

I began a podcast in April to talk about older versions of D&D, game ideas, and a lot of RPG things. I will soon post links to individual episodes with notes here.

Just like I have Paper Pills on this site for incomplete ideas, I have a feature called Paper Bullets for incomplete ideas there.

I am grateful for the very supportive OSR Anchorite group. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Commentary and Paper Pills

Time for a Change

After working so many exhausting hours and looking forward to a few more weeks of it, I have decided that I need a change.

I am good at what I do, but it is only fun to me when others say Wow, I could never do that. Unfortunately, I try doing things that I am not good at. There is no voice in the back of my head that says beforehand NEW IS GREAT, BUT YOU SHOULD ASK SOMEONE FOR HELP BEFORE IT ALL GOES SOUTH

I regret my epic failures for how it affects others.

So here is what I am going to do:

  • I am going to do fun things with board games and RPGs.
  • I'm going to do an anchor podcast about Old Games in New Frames. (Not just making everything into a Black Hack game, but making Swords & Wizardry stuff and 5e material.)
  • I'm going to finish the project my son and I started in making his boardgame.

Sure, I'm scared as all get out that this will be yet another grand start that will end in failure and unfinished projects. But I have to do something. The current state of things is way too frustrating.