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Break from Pro-Action Football

Took the weekend off from the football project. I left my thumb drives somewhere and I won't get them back until tomorrow.

Still, found a game group in town and played Scythe. What a fun setting.

Boards and Tokens and Paper Pills

Modding Statis-Pro Football Instead of 5e

Wherein I start working on 5E and end up modding Statis-Pro Football.

Spending the day at home while my wonderful spouse is in class. While my son is working on Math and the inner working of Tidal Power plants, I think about working on the 5e game in May.

Instead, I find myself calculating the Standard Deviation of several American Football running backs' rushing attempts. I have play by play stats from 2002 to 2017 (including Superbowl LII). I typed in the fateful words: Min, Max, Mean, Median, STDEV and start calculating.

I have long loved Statis-Pro Football because every player has a stat card. The rules for making cards are easily available. There are two leagues, that I know of, that still play fantasy football using Statis-Pro and homebrew rules for Salary Caps.

I wanted to find a way to remove the guesswork from some of the cardmaking and yet again, have come up empty. Oh well.

I guess my son and I were both doing math today. 🙂

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Looking Ahead to 2012

When I look back at the ambitious goals I had for 2011, I feel a sense of loss. I feel badly that I hurt Nevermet Press and that I promised way more stuff than I could deliver. I'd like to think that I've learned that lesson, but we'll see.

I wrote a short story called Two Friends in an attempt to kickstart my brain into writing more for the Shayakand setting. At the time, my goal was to generate generic PDFs for Southeastern Asian flavor that a Savage World GM could drop into their game. The idea was that after writing six of these smaller PDFs, the entirety of them could come together for a Shayakand Sourcebook.

The races were created with no big issue, but I was unable to finish the others. So, in March I started writing back here. Work began again on a 2e clone.

Most of this year has been the evolution of this game, now called Andras. Along the way, it has evolved from a clone to a 2e inspired game. Since my early groups all played an amalgam of B/X,BECMI,AD&D and 2E, that only makes sense. I never played D&D with just one player's handbook. Heck, I didn't play Marvel with just one, either.

Outside of that, I have discovered a lot of fans of the football game called Statis-Pro Football. This Avalon Hill game was one of my favorites back in the 80s. I loved playing it and I still do. I have all the cards I can find that were created by Lee Harris. I also have the formulas used in the 6th edition of the game.

This year I have two writing goals:

  • Finish Andras.
  • Make Statis-Pro Football Cards

When it comes to Andras, the finished project will be like the Introductory Box post. In other words, it will have a separate guides to help people to just sit down and play. Considering that another goal is a multitude of options for the player, that could be a very tall order.

When it comes to Statis-Pro Football, I plan on making 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 cards. I also plan on making a separate set of cards that are modified in a way to eliminate the dreaded rest rules. If I get a chance, I'll try to make some historic teams, UFL teams and others.

I only have one gaming goal this year. I want to have a regular Google+ game.

I wish everyone a happy 2012. I hope you have a great time gaming!