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9 thoughts on “World Anvil

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    Joseph Teller it’s supposed to be set up for other systens. There are anout 40 choices of systems.

    It feels like more of a campaign log than anything. As I explore it, I’ll let you know.

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    I am still hoping to know why coffeehouses are significant.

    As for the WorldAnvil, they have LotFP in ‘systems’ so I don’t think it is just DnD

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    K Yani I’ll have to post about it. In short, there are coffeehouses, alehouses, and brewhouses.

    Coffeehouses make fresh coffee from locally grown and roasted beans. Alehouses are pretty much taverns that serve various alcohols. Brewhouses serve coffee, but the beans are imported. Roasting coffee is only done in two places so far, so importing beans means importing beans that are already roasted. This affects the taste, thus they are not called coffeehouses because they make brew, but not true coffee.

    There is a theory that the introduction of coffee in Europe helped the Age of Reason. The theory goea that instead of drinking alcohol, folks drank coffee making them more productive. That’s the signifigance I’m going for.

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    John Payne Thank you for the explanation. The Samoora Sea initially stuck in my memory due to two things (dolphins and coffeehouses) and it is nice to know coffeehouses have an in-world significance as well.

    I started to drink coffee (well, latte, but it is still coffee in heart) just several years ago, and I since then I really came to like some coffeehouses, their lattes and their atmospheres to be in.

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    K Yani i was a coffee drinker for 35 years. I stopped drinking it at a doctor’s advice for a short time. After that short time, however, i discovered that i no longer like the taste of coffee. ?

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    John Payne I joke that I drink espresso-flavoured milk, as my preference in latte is extra-big cup of milk with one shot of espresso, so I don’t know how much I really like coffee as far as pure coffee goes.

  7. I wanted to know about it’s flexibility because I don’t use anything that is a direct analog to any of the commercial systems on my projects. I need to be able to define Stats that fit the game rather than use premade templates for stats.

    MY current game, for example, uses a set of 4 stat blocks that contain 3 stats each (for 12 total) and few derived stats. The Derived stats are flat numbers, the stat blocks/stats are defined by dice types (d4, d6 etc.) rather than a solid number. Which stat applies depending on what you are trying to do with a skill’s die roll (and skills are also defined by a die from d4 to d12).

    (Mental, Physical, Social, Magical are the main block headers and then 3 things defined under each).

    Anyway, that’s why I am curious about whether it is system hard coded or allows flexible design in these regards to characters/npcs etc.

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    Joseph Teller I asked for a homebrew system choice because what I use is more Black Hack than anything. So far, i haven’t seen anything that is ruleset specific. System appears to be a label more than anything.

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