Reorganization in Progress

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I was running out of space on Google Drive, so I am in the process of moving any files linked to my Google Drive to Dropbox. I have a professional account there with more space than I will ever need.

The link checker is working through all the broken links now, so I hope to have them all fixed by the evening of December 3rd.

Meanwhile, I took some time this week to work on Pro Action Football again. Someone reached out to me about how I was redesigning Statis-Pro Football cards, so I am more than happen to go through my process. I will say, though, that because it relies on play-by-play data, I still need to work out a process for older teams. I have play-by-play data going back to 2003.

On the RPG front, a former co-worker of mine from Nevermet Press asked about forming a creative collective on MeWe. The scope would be different than NMP: I think we'd work on free stuff for now. There have been many volunteers, so I hope we can start making crazy things soon.

Next post should be the follow-up to introducing my setting, the Samoora Sea.

Testing Open Live Writer

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Essentially, it is a tool that allows me to save local copies to my computer to then upload to my site.

The interface is more like word, and more importantly, I can work on posts without being logged into my site. I can even put in a table quite easily. As a test, here’s what a table looks like:

Choice 1 Choice 2
This one is good This one is also good


Well, here is the deal. If this works, it will become significantly easier to post, thus, more posting activity.

They’re Now Being Manufactured

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Sorry for the off-topic post. Just excited that the RaspberryPi boards are now in production and will be ready for purchase soon.

If you don't know, the RaspberryPi is an ARM-based computer about the size of a credit card with SD Card, USB and HDMI out. Cost? $35.