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RPG Development

This is always a moving target. However, I have finally settled in on Swords & Wizardry as my system of choice.

Projects currently under development:

  • My house rules for Swords & Wizardry

For the best explanation of what my house rules are like, here is the best post to explain what I have thrown into my house rules.

Projects in various stages of development

  • Shayakand/Tanah-Con-Rahn

Shayakand was a project that I was developing for NeverMet Press. It is a high fantasy world inspired by Southeast Asia. The game system for this project was originally Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, but is now Swords & Wizardry Complete.

Tanah-Con-Rahn is a continuation of Shayakand with modifications for sandbox style play.

Projects suspended indefinitely

    • Psionicist for ACKS
    • D6 MOD7
    • Andras - a 2e inspired clone

Call me crazy, but I love the 2e rules. Here is my tribute to the 2e ruleset. For an overview of the goals of this project, click here

    • Mnemosyne

Extended Action! is now the Mnemosyne System.

    • MUSE

The MUSE system is a ten page, self-contained streamlined version of the Mnemosyne System for instant gaming fun. Available in Beta now!

    • Hypermen

Hypermen was originally my entry into the 48hr RPG contest. One day, I hope to have a M20 Superlite version as well.

    • M20 Aetherflow
    • M20 Hyborian Age
    • M20 Drakkangraal

I love M20. The goal of these three supplements was to provide drop-in material for various GM needs.

    • Lenga

Lenga is an ongoing project for a fantasy setting. This sourcebook will be system agnostic at first, but it will find its way into any setting I make.

Card Games

  • Dvorak based games
  • Mavinian Playing Cards and Games
  • Standard Playing Card Games
  • Knock

Knock is a card game based on craits. It offers a few twists on the old favorite, as well as expansion cards to customize the game to your tastes. Guild of Blades is not taking new customers, so I don't know when I'll be able to print a deck. I am looking at RPGDriveThruCards.

Board Games

  • Roman Chess / Hesberian Chess - about 90% complete
  • Chess with Different Armies Computation - about 40% complete
  • Tactique - about 85% complete. Needs rules compilation
  • Greed - about 25% complete
  • Pro Football Action! - creating historical and current teams about 20% complete

Other Games

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