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The Way Ahead in 2023

I had planned to write 1200 words a day, every day, for 2023. About half of that is intended to be outside of gaming. That said, with the possible changes to the OGL, the nature of those words will need to change.

OMG Not Another OGL Post

Not really, just saying that the system(s) behind my content will likely change. I had intended to reimagine the fundamental lore of 5e this year and release it for free under the OGL. Since that may not exist and OGL 1.1 may not allow for some of the things I had in mind, that goes out the window. We'll see, it's not like I will stop playing 5e, but I don't plan to buy anything else for it or buy anything for OneDnD. I have all this lore content that I want to put into something I can share and I see three possible options.

Basic Fantasy

The community is the very essence of what "Linux for RPGs" is like. Chris says that he is working on removing any SRD content from the core rulebook. He is working with an IP lawyer to ensure compliance. I find it ironic that this will create the 4th edition of Basic Fantasy because the last time WOTC did something like this was the 4th Edition of D&D.

The Cypher System

Monte Cook has said that the Cypher System Open License was modeled after the OGL as he was there when the OGL was created. Mechanically, the system is straightforward and all the rolls are player facing. It feels like Dungeon World in a way and it encourages the weird.

Stars Without Number

Kevin Crawford has created two great systems and provided so many free resources for creators. He has also famously never used the OGL, opting instead to rely on copyright law as written. When someone on reddit posted that OGL 1.1 is an opportunity for SWN, Kevin reiterated this stance. He even went on to explain things that folks can do without infringing copyright. It's not the same kind of system to release new subclasses, feats, etc. as 5e is, but I believe it would be fun to create material for.

Open D6 Anyone?

I would love to get Open D6 updated and have SRD content removed. Honestly, I don't think it has any SRD content at all. The issue with that is Nocturnal Media, the current owner of West End Games Open D6, only exists on DriveThruRPG after the owner passed away in 2017. The website went offline and their last product shipped just after his passing. Open D6 products are still for sale, but who knows for how long.

I couldn't offer any money for it, so I haven't entertained trying to contact anyone at Nocturnal. Gallant Knight was going to make a second edition of D6, but that project seems to be in hiatus. I use the magic system all the time, but I wish there was a way to do something like Basic Fantasy with it.

I mean, game mechanics can't be copyrighted, so I could write something based on it, but I'm not sure I'm up for it.

Now What?

Honestly, I don't know. I have to change a lot here because I rely on the OGL. Then again, I don't I am going to be sued, though I am still going to make the effort. If I made my own system (unlikely) it would be CC 4.0 BY.

I plan to write about the various characters in the Sycarion Continuum, especially football and travels in the Self-Organizing Aither. Work on the lore will continue while I search for a game.

OpenD6 Spell Building

The May Campaign has been pushed back until the kids finish school in three weeks. There's some time to play, but my son's workload is pretty heavy.

In the meantime, I have done the heavy lifting to adapt OpenD6's Values and Measures table to imperial units. I have also added values for information (assuming 250 words per page, 500 pages to a thick book, etc.).

I'm going to leverage the OpenD6 Magic system for building the boring parts of a spell, and then offer a bonus to use random descriptors.

The reason for this is that the world my kids are exploring doesn't have a set magic system. Magic is regional, cobbled together by what folks have available. The effects are roughly the same (magic bolt to deal damage, morph into another creature, turn invisible, wards, telepathy, etc), but each region has strengths and gaps in what their magic can do.

Looking at OpenD6 Spells

I had mentioned a long time ago that I was looking at the Spell Building system in OpenD6 Fantasy and OpenD6 Magic for Andras. The main reason was that I wanted a spell building system in Andras that wasn't too cumbersome, but offered some real choices.

It's true that doing this makes magic quite scientific. Instead of bemoaning that fact, I will create a Mage class that takes a scientific view of magic. While the development of the Arcanist class has hit a couple roadblocks, I believe it will work a lot better now that this investigation of the OpenD6 spells is complete.

For those looking on with interest, anything shaded green is something that I corrected. For whatever reason, some of the calculated difficulties in the original pdfs are not correct. In a couple cases, there is a missing spell attribute or the wrong effect value.

One worksheet sorted all the spell by difficulty, another presents them all in a format similar to the OpenD6 Spell Design Worksheet. The "raw" or original values and descriptions are on pages called Raw.

I hope this spreadsheet will be useful to D6 fans. For me, now I can make analysis, pick spells and work out values that are closer to retroclones. I may end up sticking with meters and kilometers, but we'll see.

Here is the spreadsheet in M$ Excel Format:

D6 Spell Spreadsheet

Here it is in LibreOffice or OpenOffice Format:

D6 Spell Spreadsheet

Soon, I hope to add it to the Downloads page.

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