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Episode 2 – The Black Hack

In Episode 2, I talk about one of my favorite systems, The Black Hack. The SRD for the first edition is located on Github. The SRD for the second edition is on the Open Gaming Network. The PDF for the 2nd edition is on DriveThruRPG.

I being with voicemails from fellow creators.

The first from Tim Shorts at Gothridge Manor. I respond by talking about a number of languages I speak incorrectly. I also mention 0e Monstrosities from Matt Finch and others.

The second is from "froth" of the Thought Eater podcast. This gives me a reason to talk about my favorite introduction to Tékumel, The Petal Hack by Brett Slocum.

Logan from The Swordbreaker podcast also calls in. I really appreciate all the encouragement from other podcasts. This, of course, provides yet another opportunity to talk about The Petal Hack. (Yes, I call it The Empire Hack three times. In my defense, I was sick.)

I also talk about The Teratic Tome by Rafael Chandler.

I mention two live streams on Twitter available here and here. Then talk about the joys of The Black Hack.

I don't get to the Outro because I feel guilty for the episode link.

My questions for you are:

What is your favorite book about Tékumel? Are there other non-European fantasy setttings you enjoy?

What's your favorite monster book in any edition?

Thoughts on Black Hack 2e Beta

I think the words used for abstract distances in the v2 beta could be clarified. Close and Nearby have similar connotations, and Nearby and Far-Away are both unnecessary variations on simpler words.

For example, the categories could be: Adjacent, Near, Far, Distant.

I also think the example distances could be phrased more clearly. (If Far-Away is up to 60 ft and Distant is beyond 90 ft, what’s in between?)

Two Week Stint

I am hopeful for the next weekend coming up: I begin a two-week writing stint.

It's not full-time, sadly, but I will have every evening and weekend free to finish at least three writing projects.

Two of them are for classes I'm teaching (religious subject matter). They are set and will not change, especially as I am teaching one in August, and co-teaching another in September through December.

The third is gaming related and less certain. The new hotness is making 4C (FASERIP Clone) into something like The Black Hack. The old hotness is for a game I will be running this fall - finishing the Samoora Sea setting. (5E or Black Hack).

Like my last writing stint, I will post about my progress frequently on the gaming project.

If you are interested in the other two projects, those will be in a separate collection.

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