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These Common Materials

In addition to finishing other projects, I wanted to spend some time every day working on a concept from a few months ago. The concept is a game that uses regular six-sided dice and a standard deck of cards to play.

This idea has been rattling around in my head for a number of years. The first scribbling of it was recently unearthed when a lost journal was found. (It's amazing what you can find when your car runs out of gas at 11:30 on Halloween night.) Since that post to this, the game has changed a number of times. At this point, I decided that now was as a good a time as any to simply finish the thing.

These Common Materials is a game that one or more players can use to adventure in fantastic worlds. Players know a little bit of Magic and a little bit of everything else. As a character overcomes obstacles, he or she may choose to specialize in certain areas like combat or spells. The character can also choose to be good at a wide range of skills and abilities.

The mechanics are straightforward:

  • Roll three dice or draw a card.
  • Add any relevant bonuses.
  • Claim Success for any result 15 or greater.

Cards are drawn when a character attempts to use magic. All other attempts use dice.

I explain a bit more about it on my first periscope.

Off to a good start. Promise to share more as soon as I can.

Lots of NaGa Demon Stuff Going On

A hodgepodge of information about the writing contest for games. Latter parts of the post are quite linky, mostly so that I can have a reference point for the next month.

My Plans

I plan on having a few hangouts on Google to provide a space for others to talk about their projects, and maybe get help or encouragement. My time is limited, so I hope others will have Hangouts on G+ with similar aims. I hope the community can make these successful.

Playtesting will be the most difficult part for me. I am a newbie at running an ACKS game. If I can only run one playtest, it will be for Tanah Con-Rahn.

Aside from this, I hope to post word counts on this site, if possible. Otherwise, I'll just update G+ and Twitter.

Others' Thoughts

Michael Wolf, as always, shares his excellent thoughts. Here is a link to his post on NaGa DeMon.

Board Game Geek has a lively discussion that goes beyond RPGs. You can find the discussion here.

Free RPG Champion and all around great guy, Rob Lang also muses on the subject. If you get a chance, here is a link to Cloudship Atlantis, an RPG created in 24 hours that is quite excellent. I won't be able to do better with an extra 696 hours.

Social Media

On Google Plus, you can find the NaGa Demon page here. If you want to keep up with folks on Google Plus doing work for NaGa Demon, here is a link to a search on the tag .

On Twitter, follow along with all the fun on nagademon. You can also follow Nathan Russell on his website to keep up with NaGa Demon as well as Nathan's own progress throughout the month.

Nathan prefers Facebook for group discussion, so here is the Facebook group page.

Feel free to hit me up here or on my Google Plus page if you find more interesting things. See you in a Hangout soon!

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