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Reorganization in Progress

I was running out of space on Google Drive, so I am in the process of moving any files linked to my Google Drive to Dropbox. I have a professional account there with more space than I will ever need.

The link checker is working through all the broken links now, so I hope to have them all fixed by the evening of December 3rd.

Meanwhile, I took some time this week to work on Pro Action Football again. Someone reached out to me about how I was redesigning Statis-Pro Football cards, so I am more than happen to go through my process. I will say, though, that because it relies on play-by-play data, I still need to work out a process for older teams. I have play-by-play data going back to 2003.

On the RPG front, a former co-worker of mine from Nevermet Press asked about forming a creative collective on MeWe. The scope would be different than NMP: I think we'd work on free stuff for now. There have been many volunteers, so I hope we can start making crazy things soon.

Next post should be the follow-up to introducing my setting, the Samoora Sea.

Testing Open Live Writer

Essentially, it is a tool that allows me to save local copies to my computer to then upload to my site.

The interface is more like word, and more importantly, I can work on posts without being logged into my site. I can even put in a table quite easily. As a test, here’s what a table looks like:

Choice 1 Choice 2
This one is good This one is also good


Well, here is the deal. If this works, it will become significantly easier to post, thus, more posting activity.

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