Statis-Pro Football

This page holds whatever files I could find from Lee Harris' site and other places about Statis-Pro Football. I have not uploaded anything from preferring to link there when I have time to finish this page.

For the Windows version of Statis-Pro Football, I have resources on a different page.

Here are the most comprehensive rules published by Avalon Hill as typed out by Lee Harris:

Statis-Pro Football - 6th Edition Rules [Avalon Hill]

Here are the Official Cards originally listed on Lee Harris' site








Custom Cards













2003 and 2003b




NFL Europe


USFL Cards






Game Piece Templates


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12 thoughts on “ Statis-Pro Football

  1. Doug Johnson says:

    I have been a Statis Pro fanatic since I dominated my league with Dave Williams and Robert Newhouse in the backfield. I think they were the 1981 cards. This was before players had numbers put on them and they were not limited. I think I had Joe Montana as my QB. Dave Williams could not be stopped on any running play and if I recall Newhouse was unstoppable on catching with his short pass. I would still love to play, but cannot find anyone interested.

      • Doug johnson says:

        Hey John, I am currently playing the 2010 playoff. I played one game head-to-head and the Eagles blew out the Packers 27-7. I played my brother and with his schedule it is impossible for him to play so I have to play against Jim Gordon’s computer program.

        • John Payne says:

          I feel the same way sometimes. The one face-to-face game I was able to play was many years ago and I only got to play a half!

          Eagles blew out the Packers, eh? So much for the revenge for Week 1. Did Vick light up the stats? Just curious.

          • Doug Johnson says:

            Vick to DeSean Jackson on the quick pass was dominant. But I ran all over him using McCoy. He could not move the ball on me. I put Asante Samuel on Greg Jennings and doubled two other receivers. I he got behind and felt he needed to pass. The draw play works great and I won the guessing game. Where you from? Who is your favorite team to play?

  2. Dwight Ellington says:

    I love this game still. I still look for recent season player cards, but need to finish my 1986 season replay. Cant seem to find my paperwork, but remembered that the NO Saints were the surprise team of my league.

  3. mike says:

    i’m interested in learning how to create my own team cards, but i don’t know the formulas. i really would like to create cards for some teams from 1970-1977. i think that was a great era in football

    can you help?

  4. Lee did some awesome work keeping this game going, now the mantle seems to have passed to others such as Brian Yonushonis. I really appreciate the fact Lee did the season’s immediately following Avalon Hill’s sets but there are some that just aren’t printer friendly. 1994(/95) , 1996(/97), 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002. If only these could be made that way there would only be a handful of missing seasons from the modern era and with other enthusiasts producing some of the earlier 1970’s and 1960’s seasons my ambition to play through the play-offs of every season from SBI in 1966 could still be more than a pipedream.

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