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As stated on the main page, I like games a lot. My favorite board game is Apples to Apples. However, I also like a lot of other games like Chess (and its many variations), Settlers of Catan, Rook, Axis & Allies, and tons of others. I'm also into RPGs, though to be honest, I only played 3.0 D&D once. Otherwise, I have played a lot of B/X, AD&D and second edition. I've also played Marvel Super Heroes (TSR) and Ars Magica as well as CHAMPIONS!

My main foci here are concerned with Old School RPGs and Football Board Games. Previously, I was working on  Andras, a 2e-inspired clone. After three other 2e clones were releases, I decided to work on supporting ones in existence instead of create my own. In addition to RPGs, I enjoy board games and card games.

Most of all, I really enjoy creating worlds. I need to clean up the links, but here are the settings I've worked on thus far:

Shayakand: High fantasy setting for Savage Worlds with Southeastern Asian themes. This is now Tanah-Con-Rahn and will be stated for Swords&Wizardry.
Bedriana: a post-apocalyptic fantasy Rome. (The pmwiki site has been hacked.)
Hypermen: a superhero setting in 1770. (the dokuwiki site has been hacked.)
Peridot: a fantasy space opera (the dokuwiki site has been hacked.)

Other settings that I am working on include Tiezerekan, a grim magic space fantasy, Lorica, a universe with fighting mecha, Dweneyarda, a high fantasy setting, and a few more.

I've done all kinds of fantasy settings for D&D, but those notes are all in crumbling notebooks. I'll add them as I can.

My other talent is making generators in spreadsheets. I'll post these as I can. I particularly like creature stat generators.

I want to finish my Swords & Wizardry houesrules by Summer 2014. Of course, I'll have stuff on other diversions as well.

These other diversions will be anything from Card Games to Board Games to Dvorak based card games. Posts will present various ideas and make them open to discussion. PDFs and OpenOffice files will be available on Beta and Finished projects. If you really want Alpha files, send an email to me.

I am always looking for folks interested in helping out. If you enjoy entertaining people, or if you enjoy the details of good game mechanics, or if you just have a fun idea, just drop me a line.

Feel free to look at the Roadmap page

You can also check out the Projects page as well as my Downloads page.

One example of a regular card game is Dice Poker, check it out!

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  1. Philip duBarry

    I think your site is great! I was wondering if you would consider adding me to your Game Blogs links. I have added you to mine. Here is my blog:


    Thanks. – Philip

  2. David Finch

    Hey – you do some interesting stuff, and I’m really enjoying the Shayakand material. I originally came by to see if you’d done any more work on magic for M20 Hyborian Age — but now I have plenty of other things to keep me occupied. Thanks. – D.

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