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Work is overwhelming, so I took some time tonight to noodle over an unusual dice mechanic in my head. I wanted to see how frequently rolling a prime number occurred.

Turns out that counting primes is not very significant except that the smaller the dice, the more frequently it occurs.

Oh well, still not a waste of time. I spend a couple hours thinking about games. I had an idea and discovered that my idea was a Rube Goldberg machine.

It was a fun Rube Goldberg machine, just like playing Mousetrap when I was a kid. 🙂

Last thing before I duck out for quite a while:

The magic system is more complicated for me running the game, but not for the players. They will see a list of known spells and guidelines for making their own. Every spellcaster will have utility spells, attack spells, as well as unique ones.

All of this math helps me to see relative power levels so I can adjust, if needed.

The Valgema

This was the last primordial that I was working on before my gamer ADD put me on a different project. It is presented here in case anyone can use it.

For what it's worth, here is an slightly related link to the Manus and the Pria. This appears to have been the most popular primordial detailed.


does lots of damage to fungi, mold and spores. Let's include puddings and the gelatinous cube as well.

dimagnetic properties - levitates with magnets. Cannot hold them, but manipulates them with a latent psionic power.

Iridescent in appearance.

Immune to electrical damage

Very susceptible to fire damage.







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