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Imagine if spring football gained enough popularity in the eighties to continue today.

Loosely based on actual player statistics, over 22 full seasons of spring and football games have been generated. Based on these generated statistics, teams are created and packaged. In our testing, efforts were made to simulate games to achieve realistic scores.

You can play any one team in history against another, or you may create your own season replay. Focusing on realistic play and simplified play-calling, this game is detailed, yet fast-paced. A full game should take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Note about copyright and trademarks
Due to copyright rules, registered trademarks of the National Football League such as, but not limited to NFL(R), Super Bowl(R), and player names will not be used. As a safeguard, even the mascots will not be used. Unlike other football products, the names of actual players and generated players will not be similar in any way. There will be no way to correlate a player from Pro Football Action to any actual player. The fall football league will be called the FFL.

However, since the USFL's trademark has expired, the spring football league will be called the USFL. Teams and mascots will also be used from the actual USFL. Only some of the names of players will be changed. This is because some players went on to play in the other professional league, thus making their name subject to copyright.

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  1. Jeff costa

    Where is this USFL game available ?

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