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Thanks to Keith Davies

Apparently the hashcash plugin is creating problems. At the time I installed it, it was the best thing I could find. Now that other options are available and Keith was helpful in pointing out the effects of hashcash, I took it off.

I also removed the captcha per the recommendation of the new plugin's authors. I really hated having to add that on.

In regards to the primordials (and possibly the secordials and/or the ultimordials) I will end the series with the idea that started it, an Ice Cream Primordial. The next post will venture outside the classical elements of air, earth, fire, water, wood, metal, aether, sulfur, mercury and salt. For example, the primordials of the Prime Material plane are Howard-esque ape-men. The primordials of the any of the good Outer Planes are likely to be vaguely like an angel or archon. Vampires would be the primordials of the Demiplane of Dread.

When thinking about a list primary substances, the definitions get more interesting when you venture outside the Prime Material. There's ichor (traditionally the blood of a god), ectoplasm (traditionally a spirit material) and the material of the astral plane (traditionally a mental material). You could even recast the shadow as a primordial of one or more planes.

Taking it to a kind of Spelljammer metaphor, you could have a primordial of one crystal sphere instead of one place. For example, you could have the draconians or kender as primordials of Krynnspace or the Green Martians of Solspace.

Beyond that, though, I want something a bit outside those ideas. For my son, it's Candyland (and its neighbors Pieland and Ice Cream Land). For me, I'm not sure yet. I thought about a Buckeyball land with creatures of pure carbon, but that's just a variation of the elemental. I'm looking for something like the Cash Primordials of Moneyland or the Paladins of Didactic Land or the monks of Mathetic Land. These are creatures whose primary essence is more of an idea that a physical substance.

What would a creature composed of monetary value be like? It would have to be able to change forms quickly, stay in motion and feed off the perceived worth given to it by the creatures around it. It could not exist on its own, but would need at least a symbiotic relationship with another race to keep going. I imagine these guys would gorge themselves in the presence of a dragon...

We'll see what the future holds!

New Project and Downloads

After quite some time, there is finally a name for my 2e-inspired clone: Andras. It is a word I coined because of some similarity to words in some Uralic and Nordic languages that mean 2nd.

It has its own project page that will feature links and downloads.

I've also updated the Downloads pages to feature content for Basic Fantasy and Older Editions of the world's most famous role-playing game.

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