Knock is a version of craits or crazy eights that people have been playing for years. Unlike other versions, this game is customizable with expansion packs. You can make the game as crazy as you like! We are looking to print our first cards in May 2008.

Some cards that you may not expect include:

U-Turn - this reverses who plays, but not the direction of play. After you play this card, the player in the reverse direction plays. After he or she plays, it is your turn again, and play continues in same direction as it was before you played U-Turn.

Play Again - Allows you to discard two cards (as long as they are the same color). This cards is stackable.

You Again - The next player is required to discard two cards in their turn. Useful against a player that has knocked, as they will have to draw at least one card. Beware, though, they may have a Play Again of the same color!

The first expansion set will be a gray suit that can quickly fill the hands of every player very quickly. Many of the cards are two-cards-in-one, meaning that only a card of the same color (gray) or both numbers can be played on it. For example, the 37 card can only have another gray card, a gray 37 card, or one of the gray 73 cards played on it. Since the rules call for drawing no more than five in one turn, it can be a quick way to give everyone five cards. Be careful, though, it you play the last gray card, the rest of the discard pile goes to you!

Other expansion sets will include strategy cards that affect the entire game with a single card.