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This Old Sword: Episode 1

The first episode of my podcast is titled Fun Things. I spent time responding to other Anchor podcasters before sharing my own content in the next episode.

Tim Shorts over at Gothridge Manor talks about creating a naming language after a few calls-ins about whips. I leave him a message about my experiences with creating these languages and using them in-game.

Larry Hamilton at Follow Me and Die talks about the Read & Write Magic spells, so of course I feel the need to talk about how I don't use either of those spells as written in the rules.

Charles Thorin advises us to throw out our Monster Manual. I couldn't agree more and I go on to ramble about one-line stat blocks.

I worry about sounding pretentious.

By accident, I include an Intro to the Episode 2 about the Black Hack. I also manage to introduce voice messages, but don't actually include them until the next episode.

So all in all, I manage to record 1.25 episodes in my inaugural episode. Not bad for a cell phone and a free app!

Three Quick Monsters

Couldn't get pics, but my son's Lego creations made me think up three quick monsters while he was working on a science exam.

The first was a scorpion that had hammers for pinchers, but still had two claws that could deliver a bite or a grab attack. The tail had a giant spear power by four magic items.

So, I thought of a low-level monster that could bite for 1d6, on a 20, it would grab and deliver 1d8 from the two hammer blows with no bonus for AC. The tail had four shots of magic missile (roll to hit for 1d6 damage), each shot causes one of the gems to disappear. AC would be as plate.

The greater version bites for 1d8, 19 and 20 is a critical hit with a grab and 2d6 damage. The tail has unlimited magic missile (roll to hit and 1d6 damage) or one magic blast attack per encounter that acts as a fireball, doing 2d6 damage. AC would be as plate + 1.

The second was a pac-man creature with a prehensile tail. More on that tomorrow.

The third was a living statue, all black with a blank face wielding a great hammer. (2-handed weapon doing 1d10 damage). According to him, there are three versions, all tied with the elemental force of earth:

One is all metal, the second is obsidian. The third is ebon wood and obsidian glass. Each one has different powers. There is apparently no way to tell which version you are fighting until it uses a special power.

My favorite is the ebon wood and obsidian glass.

Speaking of spreadsheets, I got a 5e srd monster file in a spreadsheet. I wanted to look at all the special abilities to help me make creatures for the April/May game.

I still have cleanup, but there are about 150ish special abilities, just from srd monsters.

In the end, I hope to have a generator, similar to Crabaugh's, but for 5e.

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