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Lenga Traits

I think I need to redo some of the Lenga traits. I originally had the power trait adding to the amount of Mana. That doesn't work well. Instead, I propose this:

Tahares suffers penalities to TN and increase to mana ceiling. They cannot purchase the trait that provides bonuses to TN.

Paucalus suffers penalities to mana cieling and bonuses to TN. They cannot buy trait that increases mana ceiling.

The power trait will not increase the multiplier to compute mana for a spellcaster.

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More on Lenga

Updates are forthcoming. What has happened up to this point:

  • The magic system has been completely worked out.
  • The Lenga language has been developed enough to begin giving the proper Lenga names to spells. (Optional in game play)

For those that play the Action! System, being an autulus (spellcaster pronounced aw-TUL-us) cost about 90 skill points for two advantages (choosing type of autulus and one metamagic advantage) and 15 spells with level 5 proficiency in three schools of magic. A character could not be this type of autulus in a Realistic game, but fits in well with a Cinematic or Extreme game.

More later.

Lenga Delays

It turns out that an African Adventures module for the D20 system uses mchwai, the Kiswahili word for magician, in a similar fashion as I do in Lenga. For this and other similarities, I've had to change what the spellcasters are called. I have never read, played, or in any way used material from the supplement, but I do not want the appearance of being a copycat. I only discovered the issue by doing a Google search on various Lenga words.

As such, the Bantu languages will serve as less of an inspiration for Lenga spells inspired by Basque instead. However, as many of the concpets were more Oriental in inspiration, the elemental foci of magic and other mechanics should not change very much.

It will also give me a chance to rename the Ogdan to the Gruyet (pronounced Groo-YAY). I just couldn't stop thinking of Ogden Nash everytime I sat down to write about them.

The next post will specifically deal more with the geogrpahy and the rewrite of previously posted material.

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