Inspired by Microlite20, I designed MUSE. Unlike Microlite20, MUSE is based on a revision of the old Action! System Rules. This revision is called Mnemosyne.

I have the rules entered, the only thing missing is a bestiary, mainly because the Action! System didn't have a bestiary of fantastic creatures. For simplicity, I'll convert the non-Epic monsters from the 3.5SRD for the time being. Some conversion are done, most notably I converted a horse first so that I could build a template for modern devices' measure of horsepower. It's simpler than it sounds.

Legacy of Bedriana will be the source book that provides crunchy bits for a campaign setting. The rules speak of elves, dwarves, etc, but LoB will not have traditional genera. Those will be included shortly.

The backend is a wiki because it is easier to convert material I've already written. Thanks to PMWiki.

The look and feel is not settled yet. You can email me for the edit password if you like. Let me know what you think.