The Staff of the eXo

My kids began playing D&D with my brother-in-law. Then he bought them the PHB and Volo's Guide for Christmas.

After one session, they were ready for another.

That was Thanksgiving and we were finally able to start on Session Zero over a snow-day induced extra extended weekend. I asked the usual questions about what they wanted. Here is a bullet point version of what I understood:

  • Quest for an item or artifact.
  • They want to find and discern clues to the location as they go along.
  • Multiple groups are after this item, at least one of them with evil intent.
  • No Big Bad required.
  • Visit new places.
  • Learn new skills/feats/magic.
  • The dolphins they have played with since they were 3 must be incorporated somehow.
  • Visit weird places. (This was a separate item to them.)
  • Meet different kinds of peoples and cultures. (Clarified from earlier tweet about this.)
  • Desire to be the guardian of artifact after they find it.
  • Okay to use it once, but not for killing something.

I thought about an artifact as an object of their quest and turned to an old friend for inspiration. Looking through the 1e DMG, I found the Rod of Seven Parts.

Most recently, the kids have asked to include their mother, so we are going to roll up her character soon.

This has generated the world that I call the Staff of the eXo. More to come.

Update on the April/May Campaign:

Two quick notes on the April/May campaign:

I have a neutral humanoid race that develops crude firearms: a pistol equivalent and a musket equivalent. They are not magical and they are not necessarily high quality, either. Use of them marks a character as Chaotic in alignment.

Making a class for a type of gunslinger (haven't decided if it's NPC only), I looked at the PFSRD for ideas. I like the idea of grit and I can nerf/alter some of the Deeds that spending grit allows.

I decided to try setting up my gunslinger class like the Unearthed Arcana Mystic class. Grit points are used to use a list of Deeds. Spending more grit points on some deeds up the effect.

The other note is that I'm going to provide the option of Usage Dice for arrows, bolts, stones, and all other forms of ammunition. A player can choose one or the other. They can only switch between sessions.

Work on Crabaugh Style 5e Monsters

Speaking of spreadsheets, I got a 5e srd monster file in a spreadsheet. I wanted to look at all the special abilities to help me make creatures for the April/May game.

I still have cleanup, but there are about 150ish special abilities, just from srd monsters.

In the end, I hope to have a generator, similar to Crabaugh's, but for 5e.