Am-Kahir spent a few years studying magic under an adequate, but wholly unremarkable teacher. Much of his time was spent creating scrivened versions of simple spells and cataloging ingredients used for various potions, spells, and assorted creations. Through cataloging various potion recipes, Am-Kahir discovered that creating potions and elixirs has more to do with the application of energy to the ingredients instead of us of magic. Eager to research his findings, he left the employ of his teacher and set up his own laboratory.

Although self-taught, Am-Kahir is very skilled in making potions, charms, and amulets. His research has led him attempt acts of takwin, the creation of artificial life. His early attempts followed standard arcane formulas and rites to create golems. However, he quickly moved to other ideas as he considered golems to be possessed and not created.

His experiments with takwin have not been well received by local townspeople. Many fear his 'mad' experiments and complain about the sounds of explosions and scent of sulphur coming from his lab. Although he has more his lab from place to place, he was recently attacked by a mob during one of his experiments. Desperate to defend his life's work, he employed his various creations to defend his property. No one was killed, but city officials expelled him from the city for his use of "unauthorized magicks".

Am-Kahir found a cave that opened to a steep cliff face. He decided that such a location would keep him safe from townspeople and local officials. He then secluded himself to resume his study of artificial life. His first successful creation was a roughly human-shaped mass of rope. Unlike a mindless golem, this creature, called an anthroparion, was able to understand complex instructions, adapt to variable conditions, and learn simple tasks. Encouraged by his success, he hired an assistant, Zemud, to expand his work.

Together, Am-Kahir and Zemud have expanded the initial success to create other anthroparion (parion for short). Their greatest known success is the creation of Wahed, a true anthroparion. Wahed is human in all respects, capable of independent thought, and learning new tasks. Unsurprisingly, Wahed has an affinity for alchemy, though he is extremely poor in social skills.

Zemud, however, is impatient with the time and effort involved and uses elemental spirits to speed up construction. Technically, this means that he is creating golems instead of anthroparion. To this end, Zemud has made a deal with a dao: the dao provides earth elemental spirits, the golems Zemud creates mine for gems.

Am-Kahir (for D6 Fantasy)

Agility 2D
Coordination 2D: sleight of hand 2D+1
Physique 2D
Charisma 2D+2: mettle 3D+2
Intellect 4D: reading/writing 4D+2, scholar 5D
Acumen 2D+2
Magic 3D+2: conjuration 4D

Spells: Cantrips, Countermagic Ward, Glow Stone, Relocate Person, Feast, Stun Senseless, Create Golem, Create Anthroparion

Advantage: Eidetic Skill Bonus +1
Disadvantages: Infamy (R2), blowing up things in nearby towns has not endeared Am-Kahir to local residents or city leaders.
Equipment: A fully equipped laboratory for two persons. Included in the lab are the materials to create at least two true anthroparion, many different types of potions and wards.

Strength Damage: 1D
Move: 10
Body Points: 25

Fate Points 4
Character Points 0
Funds 4D