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Two Week Stint

I am hopeful for the next weekend coming up: I begin a two-week writing stint.

It's not full-time, sadly, but I will have every evening and weekend free to finish at least three writing projects.

Two of them are for classes I'm teaching (religious subject matter). They are set and will not change, especially as I am teaching one in August, and co-teaching another in September through December.

The third is gaming related and less certain. The new hotness is making 4C (FASERIP Clone) into something like The Black Hack. The old hotness is for a game I will be running this fall - finishing the Samoora Sea setting. (5E or Black Hack).

Like my last writing stint, I will post about my progress frequently on the gaming project.

If you are interested in the other two projects, those will be in a separate collection.

Lovechild of FASERIP and The Black Hack

I've mentioned it before, but in addition to finishing some other projects, I'd like to take 4C (TSR Marvel clone) and mix it with the Black Hack.

It would use Zak's 3d20 system instead of a universal table.

The rule of Weaker/Stronger opponents would prevent situations like Aunt May punching Galactus and causing damage. (Technically possible if Galactus was completely unarmored.)

For that rule to work, this would mean, of course, that villains would have a single ranking number besides Armor and Powers.

I'd also think that traditional armor points don't work as well as treating armor as damage reduction.

There would still need to be a table for each ability or power for what 1, 2, and 3 successes would mean.

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