Links I Don’t Want to Lose

Over at Lord Gwydion, the post entitled Weekend Reading has a list of links that I don't want to lose.

I star and share a lot of stuff in Google Buzz, but sometimes I have trouble finding a specific post that I meant to mark as something to post about later.

Of particular note is Sean Robson's post about how to write an adventure. When I ran Isle of Dread, Keep of the Borderlands and other modules back in the day, I ended up re-engineering modules to look this way. When I get around to writing an adventure, I definitely plan on doing it *this* way. Thanks Sean for a great post!

Speaking of adventures, I've really had a thought that some of the ideas presented, when polished up and placed in a PDF, would be best presented as an adventure or mini-adventure. This will especially be true of the Arcanist class. In the future, I'll present one as the "Big Bad" in an adventure.

Another post is Telecanter's One Page Potions. I wish I could make stuff this useful.

When I start up a new in-person game this winter, I definitely plan on following the Land of Ara's method of holding an initial players' meeting.

Lastly, here a post about using Stars without Number as a fantasy engine. Really cool!

The origin of dragons post is delayed, so here is the story that inspired its creation. See you soon!

Interesting Links and Other Things

Today is rife with old school goodness.

First item is something I found off somewhere in the dawn of the internet. Folks will probablu recognize it when they see it, but I don't remember when and how I got it. It is a "High Magic" system that relies on the zodiac to determine effects on spells. One day, I would love to turn this into a spell building system.

High Magick Zodiac

My favorite read of the day features some unusual weapons from spaghetti westerns, all real weapons. My favorite is the LeMat Revolver.

I could see this revolver as one of the rare Garuda Firearms in my Shayakand campaign.

Lastly, is a discussion of class. I mention it because my retroclone address this.

Out of time. More later!