There's not a lot of continuity to these links. I just really enjoyed them for one reason or another. After a very long day, these got the imagination going even after the craziest day at work.

Making a Zine

Fall of Autumn is a site with resources, links and locations about zines. One of the links that got my attention pertained to making a zine. I keep thinking in terms of folded 8.5 by 11 paper held together with staples. Here is a link on how to make a perfect bound book of cards. The idea I had was a book of NPCs for Adventurer Conqueror King. Each NPC fits on an index card and would be readily available. I could even add index tabs to mark the level of the NPC.

New Games to Play

Want some martial arts action? Try Flying Swordsmen. Want  a fast and free d20 fantasy game? Try Heroes Against the Darkness.

Flying Swordsmen has only four classes, but all of them can use martial arts. It feel like many of the older clones, but has a fun system for the crazy moves straight out of the old kung-fu movies I watched as a kid.

Heroes against the Darkness has 11 classes. It is well-written and has great art. I appreciated the example character creations. It looks like once you have created a character, then it is a fast-playing game. I've not read all of it yet, but it is fun.

Something for the Game You Already Have

With the One Page Dungeon Contest, you'll always have more than enough adventures for you and your friends. Alex Schroeder talks about what he likes in a one-pager along with his favorites so far. I agree that I also like adventures that allow sneaky characters to be sneaky.

Solo Play that Is Not T&T

Nothing against Tunnels & Trolls at all. It's great. This is about a solo adventure for USR. Locket Away is an adventure in a non-traditional fantasy setting. This says it better:

You play as a hard-boiled detective in a fantasy realm on a hunt for a mysterious locket that belongs to the beautiful mistress of Prince Talos. Thrilling brawls, seedy locales and strange denizens await you on this investigation into the heart of Jailton.

I'll let you know how it plays after this weekend. Woot!

Speaking of New Places

Just read about The Ruins of Char'realra - A Failed Dwarven Colony on Mars!

Any Port in a Storm

Bruce Heard unearths an old document talking about the ports of Mystara. It deals with size and capacity, but also provides a ranking system. I'd like to see this adapted to ACKS. You can download the pdf here.

I hope to have more meaningful content sometime soon. Until then, happy reading!