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Return of the Podcast

Today, I am happy to share that the podcast is back. Here is a link to the first episode of its second season: The Odd DM Presents

Whatever Happened to This Old Sword?

All 16 episodes of the first season are available at: https://anchor.fm/sycarion

Many thanks to friends that helped me to get started like Spikepit, Gothridge Manor, Thought Eater, The Happy Whisk and Follow Me and Die.

Whatever Happened to John?

If you want to know details, I am happy to share. I was not as resilient as the Captain, but there a lot of work has been done to reclaim my identity.

I am grateful for a good therapist, a supportive community that invited me to share publicly, amd most of all, my wife. I could not have overcome without you!

Dice Throne: Yahtzee Meets D&D

You can find Dice Throne at Barnes & Noble or direct from their website.

Here is a video that shows you how to play Dice Throne Adventures.

I will post more as our weekly group gets going.

Pen and Paper Football Games

What is Statis-Pro Football? This is Board Game Geek's synopsis. Here is a quick playthrough.

There is an active group looking for players on facebook: UK Statis-Pro League. These guys are very friendly and helpful.

Not mentioned in the podcast is John M Stater's excellent Pen and Paper Football. This is best described as where OD&D meets American Football. It is a wonderful game I was privileged to playtest and I still play it.

This Old Sword

I began a podcast in April to talk about older versions of D&D, game ideas, and a lot of RPG things. I will soon post links to individual episodes with notes here.

Just like I have Paper Pills on this site for incomplete ideas, I have a feature called Paper Bullets for incomplete ideas there.

I am grateful for the very supportive OSR Anchorite group. Feel free to let me know what you think.


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