2010 Is Full of Promise

2009 was a lean year in content. There was plenty of ambition, but the remains of nerd projectitis are evident. Hypermen went unfinished as well of Peridot. Mnemosyne never developed a magic system. Lenga, despite all the history written, never described more than a handful of emperors and the The Mill. I regret the unfinished threads of Lenga that were never developed.

Yet, this year promises a lot more. Things have changed for the better.

Positive Changes

  1. I write for Nevermet Press (new setting coming on Jan 11th!)
  2. I became a layout/editor for Basic Fantasy.
  3. My friend, Jeff, has a really good board game ready for market.
  4. I have a 2hr window on Saturday to write that doesn't get moved.

More on all of this later. Suffice it to say, that I hope to have a lot more content here in 2010.