Lovechild of FASERIP and The Black Hack

I've mentioned it before, but in addition to finishing some other projects, I'd like to take 4C (TSR Marvel clone) and mix it with the Black Hack.

It would use Zak's 3d20 system instead of a universal table.

The rule of Weaker/Stronger opponents would prevent situations like Aunt May punching Galactus and causing damage. (Technically possible if Galactus was completely unarmored.)

For that rule to work, this would mean, of course, that villains would have a single ranking number besides Armor and Powers.

I'd also think that traditional armor points don't work as well as treating armor as damage reduction.

There would still need to be a table for each ability or power for what 1, 2, and 3 successes would mean.

More Runes

Working on the next set of runes: Magic, Storm, and Word. These three belong to the Axis clan.

So far, the spells in each rune are straight from The Black Hack or Pathfinder Core with the description modified to fit TBH. After they are all done, this will be a generic OSR add-on for anyone that wants to use it.

Then I'll go back and start making spells for each Rune and Clan that fit into my campaign world. Normally, I enjoy making the spells first, but I was afraid that I would get bogged down and never finish the thing.

So back I go to finish the thing. (tonight)

Rune Magic System for The Black Hack

A very rough draft of a Rune Magic system for The Black Hack

Every rune belongs to a clan of three runes. In this example, the Abrogation rune belongs to the Shield clan.

The image in the top left is the rune itself.

Each rune provides 10 to 14 spells. To cast a spell, roll d12. Compare the roll to the chart: a white box means success, a black box means failure.

For example, casting Dispel Magic, roll d12. A roll of 6 or 7 and the spell will fail, otherwise, it will be a success.

Eggs are magic items specific to Rune Mages. An egg can either guarantee success with a spell or a specific roll. Looking at the chart, a Rune Mage using this rune would be very interested in an egg that makes rolls of 6 and 7 successes.

Whether an egg affects a spell or roll is determined when it is discovered as the egg attunes to the Rune Mage. In other words, you can't go to a magic shop to find a 6 Egg or a Spell Resistance egg. If your world has magic shops, they wouldn't sell unattuned ones because once a Rune Mage touches one, the egg would be useless.

This rune chart is completely filled out. Usually, a player would begin with the Rune, Clan, Name, and all 1st level spells. The rest of the spells become available as the character levels.

The roll to add a new spell could add a spell from the same rune or for a spell from the same clan of runes. It could add one spell, two spells, or replace an existing spell.

More to come. Thoughts welcome.