Thoughts about RPG Layout

I saw somewhere a post about RPG layout, specifically the actual maps. It's an age-old issue of having to flip back and forth between the map and the descriptions on that map.

I look at the one-page dungeons as a good way to handle that issue until someone recommended Weird Discoveries for Numenera.

In Weird Discoveries, it appears that each map is two pages wide (the book is open and it lays flat on the table) with descriptions surrounding the map in the middle of the spread.

From my experience as a training content developer, the arrows to different locations are hard to read. That is why the old dungeons had numbered rooms in the first place.

When I begin creating content for my writing stint, I'm going to try a two-page spread type of layout with indicators instead of arrows. To save time, I'll start with one of Dyson's available designs and go from there.