Electrum Pieces

Minimus Game

It all starts at the wiki.

I wrote about the upcoming game a bit ago. Now, we are in full swing. Since the players are located all over the country, we are using a forum+wiki to track everything. My character is Henry Carter. He is tracked in chapter one with the heading "Daisy Bell".

I haven't played a serious game in a long time and I am enjoying this one.

I've also learned that much of the rules-medium (d20) or rules-heavy (GURPS) systems can hinder a good story-based game if a GM is not careful. Scott, is a good GM. I know this from playing D&D with him eons ago. His style is a good story building style, as opposed to my style which is more world-building. Whereas I may start to get bogged down in the precise definition of Line-of-Sight, or want to map out exactly how fast Henry's bike can travel, or work out the exact geography of the UFO I saw land, Scott moves things along, weaving all the characters together.

Check out the game, it should be a fun read. Also, keep an eye on Scott - he may write books about this setting. If he does, I'll create game aids for them for Action!