I like Chess variants a great deal. In fact, my wife bought me an Omega Chess set for Christmas. While there a couple months ago, I happened upon an invention by Graeme C Neatham. It is basically a variation of chess on a hexagonal board. No surprise, considering the link. The difference comes in splitting hexes into triads. Each triad has a different color.

Some time ago, I mentioned a hexagonal variation of Tactique. Seeing this board gave me all sorts of ideas. This also gave me ideas for using this type of hex paper for RPGs instead of traditional hex paper. For both, I hope to explore different ideas.

Here are the PDFs of a black and white version and the colorized version. What is different from Greame's design is that my hexes are not rotated 90 degress and the colors are different. I will also provide a hex shaped pdf soon. I realize that a hex shape is more conducive to board games.

Black and White Tri-Hexes | Color Tri-Hexes