What If – Fantasy and Weird Science Collide

Scott over at the Trollish Delver shared about a guide to the Uruks. It is quite interesting, especially in relation to the design of Trollword specifically and T&T in general.

In the middle, I was caught by a sentence that inspired an odd idea:

While Loopo was still around, Zweetz, the alien-bird serpent wizard, kidnapped thousands of Uruks and took them to a desert island where he shaped them for a millennia into a new race: the Cyurks.

Not knowing about the Cyurks, I may be restating an idea that already exists. Think of refined, technologically advanced and possibly cybernetic orcs. Knowing science or magic beyond human scope, they could easily out-match the knowledge of the best wizards. They would rival any of the ancient elven spellcasters. Then again, they may have better toys, but individual Cyber-orcs wouldn't necessarily have more knowledge...

Maybe some necromancer animates one of these things that has been dead for over a thousand years.

More coming in a future post. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “What If – Fantasy and Weird Science Collide

  1. says:

    It is good idea to make cyber orcs, in my original fantasy world I would prefer magically created cyber orcs. E.g.: improved sight with implanted masterpiece magic gem in the eyes.+1 range weapon attack.

    1. John Payne says:

      I like that kind of semi-construct version of orcs as well. That makes me think of other modifications like improved magical body armor (+1 AC), magically enhanced bone structure that weighs a lot less, but just as strong (+2 DEX, +10′ Speed), eye beam, etc.

      Thanks for the idea!

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