When Gold Rush Games lost their web host unexpectedly, the website went down as did the ability to access the rules for the Action! System. Although the site is back up now, there is no way to download the Action! System rules.

So we decided to host them until Gold Rush Games returns. Normally, we only host files in Open Document Formats, but we did not want to alter the original RTF files.

We love the Action! System and believe that it can be developed into an enjoyable rule set for experienced players and new players alike. We believe it has many advantages over other OGL-Licensed system, especially because the rules for character creation are detailed twice in the core rules.

A very good set of expansion rules have been created by MechAssembler. The rules detail Mecha, mecha pilots, and large vehicles. Go visit and take a look. If we can gain permission, we will one day host those files here.

MagicQuest, a Fantasy rule set distributed by Com-Star Media, is also a well-designed system.

Please contact us if you know of any other Action! System products out there.